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What is Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® is an inspirational childbirth education program designed to guide expectant parents on how to use techniques such as deep relaxation, focused breathing and other inner resources they naturally possess to create their birth experience.

Suitable for those birthing for the first time or subsequent births. Calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events that can be experienced calmly and joyfully. It recognises the importance of the need for parents to prepare mentally and emotionally for birth, to assist a mother’s body to birth her baby.

The techniques learned throughout the class become life skills which can be used in childbirth and beyond.


  • The physiology of birth and how a woman’s body is designed to function in labour.
  • How to eliminate the fear, anxiety and tension that can inhibit labour and birth.
  • Simple, effective breathing techniques to relax and work with your body in labour.
  • The important role played by fathers/partners or other birthing companions.
  • Enlightening insight into bonding and the developing parent/baby relationship.
Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires its educators to be midwives or trained birth professionals. Unlike other childbirth programs, Calmbirth®prides itself on its professionalism and quality of Calmbirth® educators through their ongoing requirement for professional development. It is also independently accredited by the Australian College of Midwives.

Calmbirth was designed, and continues to be updated in collaboration with experts, including a range of birthing, education and mind-body specialists. Calmbirth is founded on research based on neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics, and it uses the extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth. This ensures that the Calmbirth program continues to meet the needs of birthing couples at both an emotional and physical level. The Calmbirth program is unbiased and holistic in its approach restoring hope and offering new choices in childbirth education.

The founder of Calmbirth®, Peter Jackson, is one of Australia’s first childbirth educators to revolutionise childbirth education with his program.

Successfully operating since 2004, Peter is internationally recognised for his success in changing and continually improving childbirth education in Australia and abroad. He offers over 40 years’ experience in General, Midwifery and Psychiatric disciplines of nursing in Sydney and NSW regional hospitals and has seen over 2,500 Calmbirth® couples over the years. Peter is also an expert of mind – body medicine training with the Brice-Wright School of Subconscious Mind therapy.

He is a mind – body practitioner with extensive knowledge and understanding of the mind and how it works. In particular, the role it plays in dictating perceptions in life and in birth, which then adjusts physiology.  His background in this therapeutic medicine means he understands the connection and power between the emotional, physical and mental state and its significant role in the birthing process.

Peter Jackson has witnessed mothers whose experience of childbirth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma. Peter knows nature did not get it wrong. He knows women’s bodies are designed for having babies and that a labouring mother’s experience should be filled with a sense of empowerment and confidence. Peter knows it is possible to have a calm beginning to your baby’s life.

With knowledge comes confidence. The answer lies in the couple’s preparation, education and skills in childbirth, while embracing and being aware of the mind- body connection to have a better and more positive birth experience

Calmbirth® believes when we learn how to embrace birth as a natural part of life and not fear it, and stay connected by working together as a family, then not only will unnecessary intervention rates be reduced but the way we experience and talk about birth will be far more positive and empowering for future generations of families

Calmbirth® is a highly acclaimed childbirth education program that is leading the way in inspiring and educating couples to birth their babies with knowledge and confidence since its inception in 2004. The program runs over two-days (weekends) or four evenings/half days. It prepares couples mentally, emotionally and physically for the birth of their baby. Calmbirth® understands the interrelationship between the mind and body – how our bodies react to our thoughts. Calmbirth® uses this mind- body connection to assist couples to replace the fear, stress and anxiety about giving birth with the knowledge and skills to birth their baby calmly, fearlessly, safely and confidently.

The Calmbirth® program is suitable for first time or subsequent births; for couples who’ve had a challenging birth experience and would like their other birth experience to be different; as well as for couple’s who know they’ll be having a caesarean.

Couples can use their knowledge and skills learnt in Calmbirth to meet any birthing journey they encounter with confidence. These life changing elements in Calmbirth® can be used during pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and then for the rest of one’s life.

The Calmbirth® program is built on a solid scientific foundation as it draws on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics; and uses the extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth.

Connection is a major theme in the Calmbirth® program; it is not only important to connect the mind and body, but it is also important to connect with yourself, your baby, your birth experience, and your partner. Calmbirth® recognises that the connection of the family unit is vital, so it works with couples to assist them in improving their communication with each other and building stronger bonds. The program allows them to focus on each other as a couple, while also focusing on their unborn baby and the family they will become. This strength in unity and moral support and encouragement not only helps them achieve a calm birth experience, but also lays a strong foundation for them as they transition from couple to family.

Calmbirth® teaches couples to visualise their birth, feeling the love for each other and their baby. It helps them to let go of the fear by replacing that emotion with confidence.